We chose people for their individuality, not their resume. Skills can be taught, but it’s characters, not mannequins, who light up a room.

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We are widely regarded as the BEST Event staffing company in London and beyond to work for!


If you think you have the sparkle and desire to be Splendid and deliver an unforgettable experience to guests, apply by completing the registration form below.

The Event Team Member role is a mixed role most often comprising of waiting, beverage service and bar staff (on completion of assessment). On occasion, dependent on client requirements, hosting and/or promo work may be offered but this is not a frequent occurrence.




We are now recruiting! 

If you are keen to join us, please email recruitment@splendid.co.uk with your CV and head shot, and we will be in touch!




We have now finished recruiting for Winter 2023.
If you would like to join our team next year,

please email jobs.edinburgh@splendid.co.uk with your CV and head shot, and we will be in touch soon! 



We pride ourselves in supporting our team in fitting work around their primary passions, careers and studies. Your shift schedule is personalised and flexible, with you choosing the hours you work and which venue works best for you that day.

We work in some of the most beautiful venues around London as our day-to-day, such as the Royal Palaces, Museums, Famous Galleries, Lords Cricket Ground, Twickenham, Ascot and even more. We’re also lucky enough to get to work in some stunning locations in the UK and abroad, having covered every continent (except the poles!), including St Moritz, Mumbai, Rio de Janeiro, New York and even New Zealand (once!).

But what kind of Events will you find yourself at?! Almost every kind you can think of huge sporting events, weddings large and small, corporate Events at museums and art galleries, dinners at the Royal Palaces, fashion events, product launches, cocktail parties, private parties, theatre events – the list is never ending!

We have a mentoring programme for your first 8 shifts and training for bar and senior roles, should you wish to progress and add new strings to your bow. We’ll teach you skills for life, transferable into a whole host of situations and industries, supporting you every step of the way. We also review the team and promote from within every 3 months!

We know each and every member of our team personally, and we strive to put your needs first and make working at Splendid a great experience.



who is splendid?


Impeccably turned out, infinitely hard working and unparalleled charm. An Event isn’t an experience without genuine human connection.

Professional, dedicated, charismatic and always willing to go the extra mile make our team stand out above the rest. The ability to demonstrate (at interview) an intuitive approach to the wants and needs of guests with the ability to adapt in a heartbeat when things get tough are a must.

We don’t require an applicant to have any prior experience to apply – your stand-out character traits and personality are much more important to us than technical skills – we can (and will) teach you all you need and guide your path to confidently delighting and dazzling clients and guests time and time again.




STUDIO 303, Edinburgh House, 
London, SE11 5DP


STAFF +44 (0)207 100 8885
CLIENTS +44 (0)207 100 8884



2-4 Corunna Place,

Edinburgh, EH6 5JG


STAFF +44 (0)131 557 2277
CLIENTS +44 (0)131 524 9393

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