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Splendid event staff are more than just ‘the staff’, they have been selected based on their can-do attitude and commitment to working hard to achieve amazing results. The skills that event staff need to become good can easily be taught by us, but they need to arrive with the desire to be shown and in turn learn amazing life skills that they will use for the rest of their lives.


Our event staff are not people who generally intend to work in hospitality as a career choice, they are down to earth people who hold a multitude of talents, creative, practical and academic. We try and catch them in a window of their life where they have a desire to throw their energy at a job that has great flexibility and compliments their other life which can be as a creative after university such as actors or designers or during their degree or masters.  


Our careful selection always pays off as these people excel in fast paced, dynamic, exciting and highly changeable hospitality events. The huge variety of venues and sometimes wild occasions, along with progression within Splendid keep them hooked until their other calling becomes a thing. Our teams evolution covers waiting staff, cloakroom staff, bar staff, baristas, personal butlers, hosts/hostesses, mixologists and management.


We instil in all our team Splendids’ core values that keep them focused and driven to the common goal of perfection using teamwork. Our event staff thrive and their other lives give them an inner spirit that allows them to confidently communicate with guests and shine their unique personality, in turn putting the guests at ease and making the event a truly memorable one for everyone.


A caterer or party planner, can put vast amounts of time into the preparation of a party, but it is the event staff that engage with the guests at the front line and deliver that detail. Amazing food served badly is remembered only for the latter, amazing food with incredible service becomes an experience and memory that guests never forget.


"Food Show and Splendid have enjoyed a fantastic working relationship for over a decade."


Darren, Nick, Hannah and the team fully understand our clients’ needs and appreciate the premium product that we offer and are fully supportive of ensuring we give only the best possible service. The team are always on hand to give guidance on a logistically challenging event but most importantly they are sympathetic and responsive to the ever changing nature of our industry. If you’re not currently working with Splendid then you really should be!


Jay Burgesson-Carter

Managing Director - Food Show 




From the suited and suave greeter outside a gallery to the fun and friendly table host 100 feet in the air, the Splendid Promotional Team have seen it all. With experience in welcoming guests, managing anyone from VIPS to delegates and being an ambassador for your brand, they bring their natural energy to brighten every room and contribute to making your event that much more special.


It takes a lot to stand out from the crowd when creating a promotional event. To build an atmosphere both memorable and engaging is a true challenge and it is essential for guests to feel genuinely welcome throughout to truly appreciate the experience. This is where we come in. Our team makes it easy, bringing an air of theatre and their natural affinity for engaging on a personal level with each and every guest. The smile on arrival, the effortless direction around the venue and in-depth knowledge of your brand will create an experience that leaves a lasting impression.


Selected for their charm and comfort in the limelight, we look for people who have that drive to swiftly build meaningful connections and create a comfortable and welcome environment. Always with a big personality and often a background in acting or other public creative projects, our team display their confidence and charisma proudly. Splendid’s Promotional Team stand above the rest, they are a team you can trust with your brand.


Business attire is standard for our promotional team however if you would prefer a branded uniform or something even more out of the box let us know – our team are always delighted to put themselves out there! We will gladly explore all possibilities to create your picture perfect event.

"I simply wouldn’t work with anyone else. The culture that Darren has built within his team breeds his professionalism and care."


We have been working with Darren and the Splendid team for three years now and have built up the most incredible and trusting relationship. Darren is a true professional with an immaculate eye for detail and a dedicated understanding of the specific requirements of each clients needs. Each and every member of this team is dedicated to delivering the most incredible event every time. From a small dinner for for four people to a larger event for 1000 Darren will hand pick the perfect team. Simply put we love Darren and the Splendid team.


Mark Jankell

Founder & Director - The Food Initiative 



This role is a complex one, yet simple. When a party planner has an event in an unfamiliar setting or country, it is always right and ethical to use the local resources as much as possible, but they often are not at the service level or standard that a high end international audience requires. It could be for example a 5 star hotel, that is amazing at day to day service to hotel guests, but actually they are remarkably unfamiliar with event service for several hundred people at the same time over a few days in different venues.

The consultants role is to be the eyes and ears on behalf of the end client, so that they feel that they have someone on their side that is making sure all the details of the levels of hospitality are delivered. It could be assumed by the last statement that the role is to be a thorn in the side of the people they are working with, but ironically it is the exact opposite. The role is to motivate, inspire, assist, develop and explore the very best way service can be delivered so that the staff are looked after and energised, the service from the hotel shines and the client can truly enjoy their occasion knowing that there is someone that has literally got their back on everything hospitality related.

After a recent incredibly successful event, the bride turned round afterwards and said “why did you just not say when we first met that you were hospitality ninjas, as that is how you work”. Its an unusual strapline, but yes the role is to be everywhere and make the very best happen and leave nothing to chance.

"I value our relationship and partnership incredibly and could not recommend them higher."


"Up to 2012 I prided myself on having my own pool of staff but after doing a sit down dinner for 800 guests at Hampton Court Palace I realised that the work involved in booking, training, feeding, dressing, transporting staff would be so labour intensive that we would not have had time to give our clients the attention deserved. I took a gamble in outsourcing everything to do with staff to Splendid and the gamble paid off.

They have since become our ‘internal’ staff agency and their staff are simply an extension to us with Darren and Hannah on site leading their team on our large events."

Lena Björck

Managing Director

Alexander and Bjorck







The key to any event is the guest experience: that extra polish and glamour that turns your evening into something to remember. Amazing food, an incredible venue and beautiful decoration are all key, but without the warmth and enthusiasm of real people, this can all fall flat. Thus it falls to us, the staff on the front line, to cultivate and deliver your vision.


Every event is unique and it is the specific details and small decisions that grow and shape the experience of your guests, from the second they step in the door to when they collect their coat. When a single moment can dictate the impact of an entire evening it is vital that nothing is overlooked. We endeavour to provide a personalised service in every respect, no aspect too small or challenge too large.


Splendid has a long-standing history of bringing the guest experience to the next level with an established pedigree of delivering truly exquisite occasions. A friendly smile, perfectly chosen uniform and charming manner are essential, but only the first steps in the process of your dream becoming a reality. It is the personality of the staff, that unique inner light that shines out to tie everything together and lift your whole event to its full potential.


Our team is always working one step ahead to provide an immaculate service and anticipate your every need. With us behind you any and every event will become more than just a night out - it will become a memory to cherish.




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