Splendid began with this thought:
Bright, characterful people,
trained well and treated well,
can transform an event into an experience to remember.

Over the two decades that followed
we welcomed exceptional personalities
from all walks of life.
They came, they went and sometimes they stayed.
We chose people for their individuality, not their resume.
Skills can be taught,
but it’s characters, not mannequins, who light up a room.

Every event you can imagine has seen us in its wings,
from star-studded spectacles that make jaws drop,
to intimate dinners in tucked-away towns.
We’ve soaked up glamour, worked our socks off,
and risen to the challenge when the stakes were high.

Every team member is hand-picked and directly invited
to each event they work.
This means the people who arrive at your door
are exactly who you need;
people who will not simply do the work,
but do it with pride, humour, and their own brand of charm.
Come to your party?
It would be our pleasure.





Splendid was founded in 1997 by Darren Hobbs and Nick Webber with a simple goal, to provide a team of event staff that stand above the rest. For this endeavour they settled on one core belief: skills can be taught but it is individual characters who bring an event to life. This tenet has proven true time and time again – the right person at the right event will create a truly memorable experience.


Over the past two decades Splendid has followed this ethos to the letter, recruiting those with that ineffable spirit and implacable work ethic who strive to reach their full potential. Our team stays with us because we offer a higher standard of staff care; our friendly recruitment and staffing teams ensures each individual has the opportunity to flourish, both at Splendid and in their outside life. We understand everyone requires balance to shine the brightest.


With a diverse client base our team are ready for the unique challenge of each event, whether a glamorous garden party, bespoke brunch and intimate dinner. Our commitment to a tailored service and carefully cultivated team of staff means clients come back again and again.




Having been fortunate enough to operate abroad on numerous occasions we know exactly what it takes to organise and deliver that classic Splendid experience anywhere in the world. Working overseas can be demanding, yet our staff rise to the challenge with great enthusiasm. Wherever your event is, we have it covered.






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